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We offer international excellence using the most advance software within the global labelling industry. While we still maintain our design and development facilities in Sri Lanka, we have now established FR Softnet UK, here in Britain to further support the advanced needs of our existing and potential future customers. This latest development will provide all our customers with a platform for faster turnaround , ongoing support and continuous communications for their labelling needs. Our presence here in the UK is set to grow , with us expanding our network giving businesses the opportunity to experience unparalleled support.

Print Ready Artworks

The Automated Label Design Software will create print ready artwork in 300DPI resolution (600DPI for Thermal Printer ).System automatically adjusts the format to remove ‘white space’ on the label whilst keeping to the print order rules

Dynamic Template

System will edit each template as it populates the data, working through the available format options of Twin Print, Booklet, Twin Print + Overflow Label, Booklet + Overflow label with involving Expereinced Designer

Automated Data Extractor

System will accept data input from many format types, HTML, PDF, XML, Text Files, API( No needs Manual Data Entry)

Optimum Output

System automatically adjusts the format to remove ‘white space’ on the label whilst keeping to the print order rules.100% QA Process for Contents Updating

Labels Design

We are expert solutions provider innovative Automated Labels Design Software and RFID Integrations API Developments.This latest development will provide our discerning customers with speedy advanced labelling technology unparalleled to any other offered.

What we do

We Develop

Automated Labels Design Software and Online Labels Order and Artwork Confirmation System.We undertake RFID & IOT integration for Product Optimization Projects.BPO Service for Print Ready Artworks(Care Labels, Tags, Barcode Labels) and Creative Artworks.

We look to the future

We adopt new techonologies for our developments such as AI,ML,Big Data,Mircro Service. We have a Strong R & D Team for researching innovative solutions for current industry needs.

We find a solution

Our highly dedicated R & D team has the capacity and knowledge to find the most innovative solutions for modern-day labeling and packaging industry needs with efficiency and reliability.

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Common Automated Care Label Design System (M & S, Tesco, Next)

Why you use many systems for many buyers. .

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H & M Packing List Data Extractor

To reduce time .we have released a new tool to Data Extractor data from the Packing List.

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